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Interpersonal Communication Essay

  • Submitted by: samaramccarthy
  • on November 28, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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The success of a relationship, whether it is between two countries or two friends, comes down to communication. Without it, relationships are destined to fail. We communicate constantly. We need communication to learn, to play, to relate, to influence and to help others (DeVito, 2009). To convey our message and for it to be understood is sometimes difficult and can often fail. However, communication is an art that can be learnt and can be dramatically improved by constant review of our personal skills. The difficulties of communicating can be overcome and our relationships made more successful. This essay will discuss the process of communication and how important communicating is. It will discuss types of communication, verbal and non verbal, and the translation of these messages through Emotional Intelligence. The barriers to communication will be investigated along with ways to overcome these barriers.
DeVito (2009) states that communication is a mix of non verbal and verbal messages sent and received by two or more people. The communication process is complex. To communicate a message we need content (a message), an encoder (the speaker or writer), a decoder (the reader or listener), and a channel, each of which are interrelated. The encoder may add tone, facial expressions and hand gestures to convey the message as he wants it to be understood. The decoder translates the message. The decoder may not listen carefully or he may use his cultural background and life experience to understand the message. In addition, DeVito (2009) states that communication requires a channel, in other words, the human senses, that carry the verbal and non verbal signs of the message (Aleksander 2003, as cited in Grieve, van Deventer and Mojapelo-Batka, 2008).
DeVito (2009) suggests the communication process is “ever changing” and “circular” and “a mutually interactive process” (p.16) meaning that communication has no beginning and no end. It is always preceded by another...

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