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Interpersonal Attraction Jennifer Tankard Social Psychology Dr. Jennings Liberty University Abstract The attraction between two people that has never met before can cause another person to want to develop a relationship with that person over time, whether it’s a romantic relationship between two people, or a potential friendship that could last forever. People of all different ages and backgrounds and status, would love to be in meaningful romantic relationships at some point of their lives. When two people come to a mutually agreement to date each other, it can be a great and wonderful experience that can lead to a lifetime of wonderful memories or a learning experience that will end up in a break-up. Dating relationships are full of highs and lows, and majority of them will end in brake-ups. Sharing things in common with a person, spending time with them, as well as other contributing factor can lead to marriage and a lifetime together with the one you love. On the other hand, because of conflicting factors, such as, disagreements, violent within the relationship and growing apart from one another, a couple may call off their relationship for these and other different reasons. What causes people to become attracted to each other in the first place? People become attracted to others that are more like themselves. People that share a common interest are more likely to become close friends and develop a more meaningful relationship over time, than people that has nothing in common at all (Umphress, E. E., Dietz, J., Crowe, S, K., & Watkins., M. B, 2007). In romantic relationships one of the deciding factors in the developing relationship, is if the two people have anything in common with one another. People will show more interest in a person if they have a common interest such as, ethnicity, political views, religion, forms of entertainment, movies,

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