Internship Reflective Essay

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As a Brahma Tech student at Diamond Bar high school, I am required to complete a 150 hour summer internship which relates to Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics. So, as I was searching for an internship, I found one through the help of my father’s friend who knows a business that would hire interns. This business is named Sunland Groups which does Real Estate Development and Construction. In order to prepare for my internship, I have asked my parents and my sister for some advice so I would do great in my internship. In my internship, I have gained experience, I have gained working skills, and it affected my life. During my internship, I have gained a lot of experience. As an intern at Sunland Groups, I mostly did my work at their main office so I filed and organized papers, copied papers, entered data for different projects into the computers, and repaired some computers. With all that work, the biggest experience I have learned is that it is very important to work organized. Being organized made all the work easier for me. Also, it helped me work faster without any headaches. Another experience I have learned is that putting everything on the computer using Microsoft Office, which I learned how to use in my course Computer Systems at DBHS, made the work easier for everyone at the office because using Microsoft Office made everything easier because now the workers would not have to go through a bunch of papers to find something that they needed. Furthermore, I repaired some computers in the office with one of my supervisors and I experienced how to repair computers. Finally, I experienced how they build houses or buildings because I went to the construction sites and saw them do various kinds of work. And I understood that there are many details and many steps to building a house or a building. Since I took architecture in my junior year, I understood

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