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Intern Reflection Paper My internship at Long Way Home was an incredibly unique experience and I am so glad to have found such a place to spend my last ten weeks at. Despite the fact that my first day at Long Way Home was over 10 weeks ago, I can remember the details so vividly, that I can even recall sounds and smells. I flew into Guatemala City and from there I had to take a chicken bus in order to get to the town Long Way Home is located in, San Juan Comalapa. Looking back on my experience on my first chicken bus makes me laugh a bit because of how many times I did the same route, on the same chicken busses, and how confident I became doing that route! As I was switching busses in Chimaltenango, about 30 minutes outside of Comalapa, there was some confusion as to what bus I was supposed to get on, and every bus that passed my way was PACKED! After the ayudante (bus helper) instructed me that my bus was the next one coming up, I felt a little more at ease. As I got onto the overcrowded chicken bus, I saw a young woman in the front seat with a backpack on. I knew there was another girl arriving that day and figured it must be her! Sure enough, she was also headed to Long Way Home! Once I arrived in San Juan Comalapa, I then had to take a tuk-tuk (a little vehicle originating from Thailand) and told the driver “Parque Chimiya.” The young man knew exactly where I was going, as most of the gringos who come through Comalapa are working with Long Way Home. After a VERY bumpy ten-minute ride, I arrived at the park and was greeted by all of the dogs (5), followed by Rebecca, the volunteer coordinator, and the other volunteers and interns who were living there already. We all sat down and received the tour of the park, and went over all that we would be needing to know about living in San Juan Comalapa, and working at Long Way Home. It was a long

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