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April 5, 2015. The Center for Advanced Forensics 2305 Executive Park Cir #102 Greenville, NC 27834 Dear Hiring Manager, I am interested in applying for an internship this fall in your company. I heard about this fantastic opportunity via email from the East Carolina University’s department of Biology and I believe it will be such a great chance to use the laboratory skills and techniques that I have learned during the three years I have spent at ECU to help the company accomplish her mission; to provide advanced forensic human identification solutions that support those who fight crime and terror. Being an international student majoring in Biochemistry at ECU, I have been able to view law enforcement and resolution of criminal casework from two very different perspectives. One from that of my home country Nigeria which is considered as a developing country and the other from the United States known to be a highly developed country. With just a little research from the internet, it is easy to see that the law enforcement and criminal casework in Nigeria is not up to standard and still requires a lot of improvements and advancements. Science and technology needs to be applied to criminal casework in Nigeria to help support her law enforcement and government agencies fight against crime and terror in the country. This is the main reason that spiked my interest in applying for this position. I have also learned that your company’s team is one of the nation’s leading innovators in the field of genetic identification, has officers like Dr. Sandra Close who has a lot of experience with managing pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, and plays a central role in the improvement and advancement of technologies providing value to the industry and the organization your company serves. These are very impressive accomplishments and goals your company has reached

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