Internment Camps Essay

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Japanese Intern. Camp Research Japanese Internment Camps held over thousands and thousands of Japanese Americans after the U.S. entered World War II against Japan. Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the order to proceed with the Camps. Why was Japanese Interned? Where were the internment camps? Japanese Americans were interned during World War II because some Americans feared they would be disloyal and they seen internment a way to get rid of their competitors. The internment camps were a little bit of everywhere, Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas and California: where the most were interned. How was life for Japanese Americans in the internment camps? The camps were overcrowded, and were in a poor living condition. Internees slept under as many blankets as they were allowed, food was very little and split into rations to where each internee had to give 48 cents just to eat and was served by other internees. Every camp was fenced but each one had a dry and cold warehouse, a car and equipment repair and storage, administration, schools, canteens, a library, religious services, hospitals and a post office. Most were located in the desert so the weather was either cold or hot, no in between. Barbed wire and armed guards surrounded each camp. How long were the Japanese in internment camps? Most Japanese were in the camps for 3 years or more. Most were relocated in 1942; the US Supreme Court ruled in 1945 that most internees were released that year. Some were held for other reasons, such as, criminal offenses or the lost of everything else they had before. What is the difference between a Concentration Camp and Internment Camp? Internment camps were used to hold people that were considered danger while concentration camps were used for punishment against political
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