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Internet-based research Introduction The past decade has seen a tremendous increase in internet use and computer-mediated communication. As an increasing amount of communicative activity takes place through this new medium, there has likewise been a significant increase in primary research on virtual communities, online relationships, and a variety of other aspects of computer-mediated communication, with new challenges in terms of applying traditional survey research methods to the study of online behavior and Internet use. In this essay I tried to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages related to conducting online surveys. In addition, this reviews the current state of available web survey software packages and services, various features of these software packages and services, and their advantages and limitations. The purpose of this essay is to provide an overview of issues and resources in order to assist researchers in determining if they would benefit from using online surveys, and to guide them in the selection and use of online survey techniques. To facilitate these goals, which are both methodological and applied. Advantages Researchers in a variety of disciplines may find the Internet a fruitful area for conducting survey research. As the cost of computer hardware and software continues to decrease and the popularity of the Internet increases, more segments of society are using the Internet for communication and information. Thousands of groups and organizations have moved online, many of them aggressively promoting their presence through the use of search engines, email lists, and banner advertisements. These organizations not only offer information to consumers, they also present opportunities for researchers to access a variety of populations who are affiliated with these groups. Another advantage is that Internet-based survey research may

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