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INTERNET TECHNOLOGY, MARKETING, AND SECURITY Dr George Reeley BUS 508 – Contemporary Business Assignment # 4 Introduction: In today’s global economy, in order to attract customers and provide relevant information, most firms rely on the internet as their promotional tool. Firms and corporations use their websites to communicate with their customers. This has been an effective tool despite the risks involved. Besides using their own websites, most firms also depend on social networking sites like Face-book, Twitter, My-space, etc. to stay connected with their customers. There is no doubt about the fact that many firms have to deal with security breaches despite all the efforts and technical tools those firms are using to prevent internet fraud due to technological advancement. In this paper, I have selected Sony as a major corporation that markets and sells through its web site. Here, I will describe the corporation’s web site in four (4) areas. I will begin by looking into its product information, contact information, customization of products for customers, and customer information at purchase. I will further describe the corporation’s internet marketing strategies and competitive advantages its web site provides. I will also analyze the corporation’s privacy and security policy and its response to security breach. Finally, I will recommend and provide rationale for two (2) methods or tools the corporation could use to ensure greater security for its customers. Products Information: Sony Corporation has tried to develop its web site to attract customers to purchase its products. The firm also provides vital information on its web site about various products and has also included the list of different categories of products that the company offers. For instance, in the Product Information page, the items are segmented according to interests so that if

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