Internet Sources Essay

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Discuss why it is important to verify and substantiate material found on the web with other sources on the web or other available research material. The web, being an information superhighway, carries materials on literally everything that the mind can conceived; you name and it’s there! Therefore, it is vital to authenticate this unlimited stream of information in order to determine quality and credibility, and this can be done by researching the publisher, and comparing the contents with other non web sources so as to confirm the reliability of the source. Validating the information found on the web starts with evaluating the website. The web, in general, does not have a specific monitoring body set up to filter information before it is uploaded. So readers should beware that they may delve into objective or bias information, depending on the source behind the website. As students this means that a research can be right on track or fundamentally flawed from the information-gathering stage on the web. Information may also be outdated depending on the last time the website was updated. Resolving the strength or the weakness of the website can be achieved by researching the publisher, if one is provided. The publisher must be credible for young students to quote their work as authority in support of their thesis. Some websites dedicate an entire section to getting readers acquainted. Some provide the reference for where they got their ideas and supply related internet links where other similar information can be found as secondary or primary sources. These forms of assistance give credibility to what is on and who is behind the website. Further checks to substantiate web information can be made by visiting a library where librarians can access the intranet to further research websites, not only to determine misleading organizations, but to ensure
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