Internet Shopping Essay

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The economic impact of online shopping In China, the network bought its force to be reckoned affecting individuals, industry, economy and society, and promote the maturation of China's economic growth and social development, accelerate the process of the information society. Internet purchases importance in today's life, but also led research on network buying behavior, the paper analyzes the network needs of consumers with personalized, diversified commodity rational choice, influenced by the prices and other characteristics; network consumption who need motivation and buying motives into two parts psychological motivations; influence consumer buying behavior network marketing factors, environmental factors, personal characteristics, psychological factors affected. Factors affecting enterprises in the consumer online shopping behavior to understand the situation, help companies develop an effective marketing strategy. Internet buying behavior and hope more and more standardized, so as to promote China's online shopping orderly and healthy development, enhance the level of modern service industry plays a significant role. Keywords: network online shopping online shopping online marketing Table of Contents Foreword Text A customer buying behavior defined network 1.1 Definitions customer buying behavior network Purpose and meaning to buy 1.2 customer network behavior analysis 1.2.1 Customer is buying behavior analysis mesh network to 1.2.2 Analysis of the significance of customer buying behavior network WHO 2 customer purchase behavior analysis of network 2.1 Network Consumers 2.1.1 The definition of online consumers 2.1.2 Features of online consumers 2.1.3 All types of network consumption WHAT 3 customer buying behavior analysis network 3.1 WHAT
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