Internet Security Research Methodologies Essay

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I.T SECURITY: RESEARCH METHODOLOGIES [Kimotho Alfred Njoka-HD232-014-0015/2011] [Research methodologies assignment one] Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) Regional Center for Mapping of Resources and Development (RCMRD) Presented to Dr. Michael W. Kimwele Introduction Internet security has been a major problem during and for the last decade. A lot of money in the tones of billions is lost annually to cyber criminals. Most recently, the banking sector was hit by the attacks where credit and debit card systems were hacked into and a lot of money stolen from the bank customers. Such vulnerabilities make way other potentially dangerous crimes over the internet. By solving this problem, not only will a lot of money be saved, but also will the internet be a safe place for everybody. Objective The main goal of this paper is to come up with a successful way though which the problem of internet security can be handled both in the short run and in the long run. Research problem * Companies need to protect against other things their data. Groups of data may include company data, personal data, group data and client data. If this information is leaked, it could be used by competitors against the company or worse still, be used to conduct other criminal activities. Q: HOW CAN COMPANIES PROTECT THEIR DATA? * IT security also seeks to protect the system and resources from cyber attacks that could damage the system. Such attacks could be in the form of viruses of other components that could cause the system to malfunction or lender it useless. Q: HOW DO WE PREVENT CYBER ATTACKS? * Companies also need to protect their networks. Hackers and other security defaulters could use such channels to sabotage the company. It is also important to prevent unlawful entry into the network since it could cause clogging among other

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