Internet Security Essay

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Today the largest illegal activity involving fraud is internet theft. The world never sleeps, every minute someone tries to steal your information for fraudulent purposes. Many people have their identity stolen and find themselves in a serious financial situation. The other major problem that internet users face is viruses created by others to destroy your system, shutting it down and causing you to loose valuable information. Today the estimate that there are tens of thousands of individual viruses created has proven to be true. New viruses being created on a constant basis make all of us on the internet in danger of losing our operating system. In order to provide internet security and confidentiality for yourself and your clients you need to be able to identify the various types of viruses. There are programs that you can use in order to protect your website and those who use it by providing important information about their personal accounts. Macros viruses are the number one problem for internet users it is estimated that about 75% of all viruses are macro. The viruses spread by shared documents and grow every time you make a new document. There are applications created by Microsoft Word and Excel that streamline repetitive tasks to help make your job easier. The problem occurs when macro viruses embedded in one of the shared documents is open. Every time this document opens, the virus has spread doing increasing damage. The viruses also attach to any new documents you created thus spreading very fast doing much damage. The next viruses called the Boot sector are very dangerous, since it will erase or modify critical portions of your operating system, which makes your computer inoperable. There are viruses that are passed in the form of an email attachment. You should make sure that you know who sent you the email before you open the attachment. Then there

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