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Technology PrioriTies for 2012 As budgets start to recover, IT professionals are taking a closer look at new technologies. See which projects are topping the list for this year. n Cautious Growth in U.S. IT Spending Windows 7 Migration Wins Out Over Cloud The Year of Business Tablet Use Data Storage Priorities: Virtualization, Dedupe, Cloud n n n Editor’s LEttEr new Technologies Drive iT resurgence eDiTor’s leTTer cauTious growTh in u.s. iT sPenDing winDows 7 MigraTion wins ouT over clouD The year of Business TaBleT use DaTa sTorage PrioriTies: virTualizaTion, DeDuPe, clouD for technology in the enterprise? Server virtualization? Cloud computing? Backup deduplication? The data tells the real story. In TechTarget’s annual IT Priorities Survey, 2,642 IT professionals and business analysts gave us their IT forecasts for 2012 for their company’s plans. The direction of emerging technologies may surprise you as IT budgets struggle to align themselves with businesses trying to recover from a global recession. The good news is that technology is going to get more attention in Corporate America in the next 12 months. Although only 20% of IT managers say spending is back to normal, 40% confirm that IT budgets are on the upswing—albeit slowly. Some of the areas in the survey where CIOs said they will continue to invest include Windows 7 migration and network-based security. New technologies are also making a big impact. TechTarget survey results report that roughly one-third what’s on tap of respondents said their companies plan to implement tablets in 2012. Of the offerings to date, Apple’s iPad is still a runaway success. According to the latest Gartner Inc. research, tablets using Apple iOS will account for 61.4% of the shipments this year, while Android tablets should capture 31.9%. Windows-based tablets bring up the rear with a

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