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Internet Safety Since cyber bullying became one of the most used forms of bullying, internet safety has become very important. There are now many regulations and privacy settings, and help, but cyber bullying still exists and there are many precautions you can take to stay safe. * Privacy settings Privacy settings are always the first step in protecting yourself online. If there are no details about your location online, and no contact details, it is almost impossible for anyone you don’t want to contact you. On most social networking sites, there is an option to choose who can see your profile, and your contact details, and the only people who should be able to see these are your friends. This narrows the chance of Cyber Bullying a lot. * Profile Settings To protect your profile, and to avoid being hacked, you should change your password regularly. It is often a good idea for your profile picture to be of something you like, like a band, rather than an actual picture of yourself. Nicknames are better than using your real name. * Friends On Social Networking sites, you should know all your friends and know what they look like, so your friends are people you can trust. You should be able to describe anyone in person if they are your friend. Whether you take these precautions or not, you can still get cyber bullied or abused online. If this happens, there are many places to turn to for help. * People you know The first people to turn to if you need help online are your parents, friends and teachers. These are people you know and trust. * Online help There is now a lot of online help if you feel at risk. CEOP has created a panic button which is accessible from almost all major networking sites and takes you straight through to online help. There are also many other websites and numbers to contact for help online and many of

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