Internet Research Essay

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Good Site Angel Bad Site Devil Your name: ___Mahmoud_Bernawi___________ Your class period: __1st____ Date: __10-7-13_____ Internet Research – Evaluating Sites What did I learn from The Onion article, “Factual Error Found on Internet” and from the examples Mrs. Garcia read about the origin of products? _____ Not everything on the internet is true__________________ ____Anyone___________ can create and post a webpage. True or False - It is very important to evaluate a website before using it in a research paper. Ways to Evaluate a Website: 1. Authority? A. Author? B. What are the author’s credentials? C. Is there a sponsor or company appropriate to the material? D. Domain names? .com .org .net .gov E. tilday (~) F. email account? Tips: author, organization, email, and domain names. 2. Relevancy and Purpose A. Is the information relevant to your topic? B. Who is the attended audience? C. Does the author have a specific agenda? (Not a good thing) D. Is the website trying to sell you something? (Not a good thing) Hints: relevant sites, up-to-date, and remembering you’re the audience. 3. Currency A. When was the website originally created or posted? B. When was it last updated? C. Does it matter? Is it important? Hints: If they don’t have a date we wary. 4. Structure A. Is the text dramatically correct and is the words spelled correctly. B. do the graphics have a function or are they just decoration C. Is the site easy to navigate? D. Are all the inks
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