Internet Privacy Essay

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When it comes to securing our nation's mission critical computer and Internet infrastructure, President Obama said, "Given the enormous damage that can be caused by even a single cyber attack, ad hoc responses will not do. Nor is it sufficient to simply strengthen our defenses after incidents or attacks occur. Just as we do for natural disasters, we have to have plans and resources in place beforehand -- sharing information, issuing warnings and ensuring a coordinated response." That was three years ago. And now the FBI says that cyberattacks could overtake terrorism as the threat to the country. According to the Department of Homeland Security, between October 2011 and February 2012, there were 86 reported attacks on computer systems in the U.S. that control critical infrastructure, factories and databases, compared with 11 over the same period a year ago. To drive home this point, last month the Department even staged a mock cyberattack in New York, hoping to advance legislation that would put the president's message into action. The staged attack was a valiant attempt to focus attention on an issue of crucial importance -- securing and insulating our nation's computer and Internet infrastructure from both internal and external attacks. While the ongoing (and almost deafening) Internet privacy debate is, at times, interesting (and sometimes even compelling), it is most certainly obscuring discussion about a threat that is, in reality, far more important. There are material, pressing and evolving questions about the state of our nation's computer and Internet infrastructure, and whether the companies that control its critical elements (including the internet, utilities, transportation systems, banks and other financial institutions) are sufficiently prepared to withstand attacks. As a country and responsible citizens, if we have to choose, then shouldn't we focus

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