Internet on Society Essay

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I think there are four major impacts of the internet on society. The first is the ease with which we get Information. Prior to the internet, people had to go to their public library to get information. This entailed travel time to get to the library and then back again. In addition, people had to search the book shelves for the appropriate magazines and books. This was time consuming. Secondly, the library had a limited number of books. A research might have to visit 2 or 3 libraries to get the information he needed. This was especially true if he was doing research on an arcane subject. Contact this to the internet where a person can get information about anything in just a matter of seconds without leaving their house or dorm room. Thirdly, once a person finds the book or magazine with the information he needs, he then has to go through the index or table of contents to get the exact information he needs. An internet search can provide the exact information a person needs. The downside to the internet is that there is no guarantee of accuracy. Anybody can set up a web page or a blog and purport to be an expert on any subject. As a comparison, when a person writes a book or a magazine article, he must submit it to an editor and publisher. The editor is likely to verify the writer's credentials and may do some fact checking prior to accepting the article for

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