Internet of Things Essay

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The Internet of Everything To date, the vast majority of Internet connections worldwide are devices used directly by humans, such as computers and mobile handsets. The main communication form is human-human. In a not distant future, every object can be connected. Things can exchange information by themselves and the number of "things" connected to the internet will be much larger than the number of "people" and humans may become the minority of generators and receivers of traffic. We mix the physical world and information world together. The future is not going to be people talking to people; it's not going to be people accessing information. It's going to be about using machines to talk to other machines on behalf of people. We are entering a new era of ubiquity, we are entering the Internet of Things era in which new forms of communication between human and things, and between things themselves will be realized. A new dimension has been added to the world of information and communication technologies: from anytime, anyplace connectivity for anyone, we will have connectivity for anything. There is no standard identification of "Internet of Things". Considering the functionality and identity as central it is reasonable to define the loT as "Things have identities and virtual personalities operating in smart spaces using intelligent interfaces to connect and communicate within social, environment, and user contexts". A different definition that puts the focus on the seamless integration could be formulated as "Interconnected objects having an active role in what might be called Future Internet "Radio Frequency Identification techniques (RFID) and related identification technologies will be the cornerstones of the upcoming Internet of Things
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