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Internet Metrics are measurements or assessments that are made on the Internet. These measurements can be made on a broad scale by measuring traffic patterns on the Internet as a whole, or they can be used for a more specific reason, like tracking a certain organization’s Web site. For a company to use metrics with their own Web site they are able to see how successful their Web site is performing (INTERNET METRICS). If certain parts to the Web site are showing up weak in the measurements made they can attempt to adjust and fix that part of the Web site to better their business. This makes Internet metrics extremely important for a company to be or stay successful since Web sites are so popular in the business world today. The metric mainly used in measuring parts to a company’s website is called the conversion rate. In depth analysis of the conversion rate can show companies the measurements of user interface, performance, convenience, effective advertizing, and word of mouth (e-COMPANY). In order for companies to obtain metrics related specifically to Web sites they have to rely on software applications that are designed to provide details on a wide variety of factors. These factors could include everything from number of hits, page views, and when a visitor registers within a specific time frame to click through rates on banner advertising and information about the most requested pages on a site (INTERNET METRICS). During the early 2000’s, a company called NetIQ had a Web-trends software that was one of the leading applications in that area. It was used by nearly 55,000 customers worldwide, this included many “Fortune 500 companies”. One of the leading pharmaceutical companies called Pharmacia & Upjohn used “WebTrends” to determine who was using it corporate intranet and what information was being viewed at by visitors. The software helped Pharmacia

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