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Name: Miss N Ncube Tutorial Assignment: Marketing Principles: How Internet Marketing Builds Upon Marketing Principles and Offers Customers Greater Freedom Student Number: 201029137 Module: Marketing Research Degree: Bcom Business Informatics and Marketing Research Tutor: Mr L Lyndhurst Table of contents Page number: 1. Introduction 2. Opportunities to compare and select providers 2.1. Benefits: 2.2. Disadvantages 3. Increased Bargaining power 3.1. Benefits 3.2. Disadvantages 4. Comprehensive and up to date information 4.1. Benefits 4.2. Disadvantages 5. Dynamic Pricing 5.1. Benefits 5.2. Disadvantages 6. Responsive transactions 6.1. Benefits 6.2. Disadvantages 7. Digital service complaints 7.1. Benefits 7.2. Disadvantages 8. Customer service 8.1. Benefits 8.2. Disadvantages 9. Conclusion 1. Introduction (description of internet, all it provides, what marketing is, etc) The increase of availability of so many products and services on the internet has introduced so many opportunities and benefits to customers 2. Opportunities to compare and select providers The internet allows great deal of price transparency for consumers this gives the consumer to compare the price of each product on the internet prices are stored digitally in databases shopping bots or price search engines is used to search the best prices available on the web ( and ( 2.1. Benefits: The customer does not physically have to visit a store to see which product is cheaper to purchase than another with internet marketing customers can easily compare prices and quality of a product with a click of a button. Internet marketing beats traditional marketing because the advantages are that consumers can easily sit back at home and

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