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Introduction Nowadays, Internet is an essential thing to everybody, especially teenagers and youth. As such, many marketer and manufacturer uses internet for advertising purposes. Therefore, marketers try very hard to put advertisement online. Their purpose is creates customer awareness since Internet marketing is becoming an increasingly important part of nearly every company’s marketing mix. Many marketing experts believe that online advertising is a highly effective method for reaching today’s customers. The main objective of doing research on consumer’s attitudes toward banner ads is to determined credibility in advertising effectiveness. Effects of website and advertising credibility, ad and brand attitude, and product purchase intention are examined in this research. The result is to develop a theory of source credibility and advertising effectiveness on WWW. An investigation on exploring Internet consumers’ attitudes to the rise of commercialization and rise in advertising on the Internet has been undertaken. It focused on Internet advertising and Internet user’s attitudes and it is based on structure of attitudes and beliefs about advertising. The goal of it was to become familiar about Internet consumers and to generate ideas and theories relayed to Internet consumer’s attitudes towards advertising. A fresh approach to the study of Internet users, and providing guidelines to the advertising industry will be done in this investigation. We had found 8 journals and we discovered that a common problem statement among the journals are consumer think that the advertisement through Internet is less effectiveness but it is attract attention enough from the consumers. People will be attracted by the advertisement but they will hard to believe the advertisement is true because there is a lot of uncertain information in the Internet. Consumers’

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