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Alexis Valentine August 28, 2014 Hum 176 Hello Pen Pal, I am so very happy to hear from you and I hope all is well. You are right the Internet can be very fascinating with the amount of information that is accessible. I am writing this letter to you to explain how to assess the value of information found on the Internet. I will also describe ways you can check the reliability and credibility of a website, and I will also go into detail about digital divide, and ways to bridge the digital divide gap. The Internet is filled with tons of information and as a user it is important to be able to asses the value of the information. The Internet can be a tricky place, and a lot of websites can’t be trusted. When finding information on the Internet beware of websites that allow other users to post or revise information. This is very important because this will determine how valuable the information is. When visiting a website one way to determine the value of information is to check the author. If the authors name is provided than it will be easier to check their qualifications, and other articles that he or she may have written. It is also best to check how recent the source was made, it also depends on what type of information that is being searched, but its best to find a recent dated source. It is also a good idea to stay away from blogs and social media to obtain any information because they are the opinions of the people writing them. Anyone can create a website and put information on it but it is up to the user to make sure that the website is creditable. Making sure a website is creditable and reliable can takes time and research. A Uniform Resource Locator or URL is need to search a site, and websites that end in .edu are education sites, .gov are government sites, and .org are organization and all can be trusted. The sites that have to be checked for

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