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Internet and Information Paper Internet and Information Paper Hello friend, I was so excited to receive your letter and hear from you. You have a lot of great questions about the value and reliability of the internet that I am hoping I can answer for you and give you a much better understanding of it all. You first asked how I assess the value of all the information I find on the internet. Having the internet on a daily basis has become a significant part of my life. Honestly without internet access I would be lost and not quite sure how to do most of the things I do now, like getting a college degree online, banking, shopping, paying monthly bills, or even keeping in touch with friends and loved ones on certain social network sites I use. As a single mother of three, working a full time job and all the other busy things we all have in our lives, getting my college degree would be pretty much impossible to me if I didn’t have the online option. The value of being able to get online when I have free time to participate in class or complete my assignments and not have to get a babysitter for my children and actually drive to a university to attend college is worth more to me then I can even express to you. If it wasn’t for having internet access I honestly could tell you I would probably never earn a college degree. I also mentioned the other things I do online like banking, as long as I have my cell phone or a computer with me I am able to connect online from practically anywhere I am and check my balance in my bank account which helps if I am out shopping I can always check to see how much money I can or cannot spend. I also pay my monthly utilities online, it has become so convenient to me to be able to look up the company’s website for the bill I owe and make my payment in less than a min, now I don’t have to write a check and wait for it to clear

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