Internet Impact to Business Essay

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1. Exclusive summary The report mention about the impact of internet to the lives of both customers and business. Basically, there are 3 main sections in the report which can be used to analyse how internet changed the lives of consumers in meaningful way. The second part will be applied to analyse how the internet changed the way business operate in new significant fashion. Finally, base on all of the information from first and second sections, the final part will evaluate the impact of the internet on the marketing mix of an industry which is chosen for this report is about the entertainment business which includes: music, movie and also gaming industries. 2. Introduction: Internet, computer-based worldwide information networks, is one of the hottest topic in business and media today. Some people believe that Internet, which has been playing a very important role in current and future global marketplace as well, is the key components of electronic business. After years, Internet finally has made it possible for customers and marketers to effectively communicate each other (Aremu & Ayanda 2002). At this present, a truth is that Internet has become un-replaceable in trading process, however, it causes both negative and positive impacts to consumers and business as well. From different point of views, some issues can be advantages to consumers but harm to business or contrary. 3. Body 3.1 Internet impacts on customers For most of consumers, all they expect is the convenience during the business, no matter what methods they have to use. In this technological era, Internet is known as the most efficient tool for consumers. With Internet, people can do several things that they did not in the past. However, everything has different faces and Internet does as well, beside providing benefits to customers, it also has several negative impact on
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