Internet Image Security Essay

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A novel technique to secure images at e-commerce sites with conventional in-browser methods Akash Pradhan1, Ditipriya Sinha2, Rituparna Chaki3 1MSIT, Kolkata, 2BIT, Meshra, Ranchi, 3University of Calcutta, Abstract.The extensive use of e commerce creates new ways for both image and brands to be attacked. Attackers use various gimmicks and techniques to find various loopholes in the system. While there has been good ways to identify threats, educating customers and identifying countermeasures. Attacks on customer sensitive information has the adverse effect of decreasing the consumer faith on online transactions, which happens in ecommerce. Prevention is better than cure, good knowledge and understanding of the online threats can be used as a tool to avoid online attacks. We describe an image rendering technique for protecting images in the ecommerce sites from being copied by fake vendors. The scheme does not allow any type of modification to be made to the image and generates an alarm whenever any user tries to do so. It uses specialized tools to generate the image, disabling all possible ways of downloading or copying the image. Introduction The advent of internet with ever increasing bandwidth resulting in more speed has led to a sudden upscale surge in the e-commerce sites around the internet. The users have the luxury of shopping for 24x7, and the sellers have the advantage of keeping the sites open always. The improved reach to customers, coupled with low operational costs has made this a popular choice among budding entrepreneurs. The users also have the options of choosing from a multitude of vendors offering different prices. However, so much facility does come with a price – the multitude of vendors offering different prices for the same product often turn out to be selling fake items.

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