Internet-for and Against Essay

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Internet-For and Against There are various views associated with the Internet. I will explain to you in full details below. Firstly, the Internet can be a distraction to the younger generation with their education. This is because in the Sunday Times article it stated that,`75% of the people in the UK,has are between 13-16 years olds, each day’. This shows that it is one of the main reasons why children slack in their education and as a consequence they do not perform well in any exam. Do you think the younger generation will have a successful career in the future? Additionally the Internet can be dangerous to everyone. This is because by spending too much time on the Internet you can become obese as you are not doing any form of physical exercise. Mr Jenkins, head of Upton Manor College said that,`65% of the pupils at his school are obese due to the fact they spend too much time on the Internet. Jenkins even said that being obese can lead to health-related illnesses such as : stroke, obesity and heart attacks. However, the Internet is really good as you can gain access to download your favourite music, movies and games for free from the Internet. In the Metro Newspaper it stated that, ‘There has been a 25% increase in the number of people downloading illegally from the Internet’. This shows that everyone around the world would prefer to get the content for free. To add to this, another advantage is that emailing using the Internet is faster and more efficient. This shows that anyone around the world can chat to friends and families or send essential attachments to other people efficiently and quickly. Do you think that the Internet is very important in our everyday
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