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Brunilda Martini October 15, 2012 Professor Stantley Hom Sisc 120 Term Paper-Internet Explorer History of Internet Explorer, stated in 1995; developed and founded by Thomas Pearson. Internet is a wonderful and easy access to find anything and everything at your fingertips at your leisure time, night and day. It always you to have your own business (B2B) at free of charge and many other advantages. There are several web browsers; such as Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer. They all include pop-up block and build In search engines. As Internet being a component of Microsoft Windows was abbreviated as (I.E) or MSIE; being realized as add on package and Windows 95. By 2002-2003 the popularity of Internet Explorer increased by 95% as Microsoft had spend $100 million in 1999 by 1999. Some of the featured are adds and technology; XML HTTP request version 5, page creation. Internationalized domain (Version 7) foreign language characters as it gets involved with a third party request including Spyglass Mosaic. Some of the versions of Internet explorer are 1-10. Internet explorer does not have the best reviews as far as faster web it does provide security and privacy as you can adjust the privacy mode. It allows you to manage the engine search and the compatibility It prompts any command. Several features have been developed and being integrated; as it helps the performance routine as it always searching the web faster. It also, helps fast suggestion while you are searching without having to finish the sentence. Bing, Yahoo, and Amazon are some of the partnerships that are related with Internet Explorer as it suggest visual requests. As a competitive browsing web page such as Google Chrome have shown that the appearance of compared to Internet Explorer the search engine is much easier like instead of blank page it starts with a thumbnail. The quality

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