The Internet Encourages Music Industry To Boom

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By Madeleine Word count: 860 The Internet Encourages Music Industry to Boom In recent years, advances in speed and function of communications facilities have made information much more easily be acquired by the public. In particular, the internet today is regarded as a cheap and quick way to search for and spread information. News, music, videos and all sorts of services are provided on the internet. Because of the powerful function of the internet, it really has a positive effect on the music industry as well as other businesses. Not only is it helpful to distribute the latest information, but also creates opportunities for talented people and attack piracy. With the help of the internet, information exchanging becomes more convenient. In the modern world, information is the key point which sometimes determines success and failure of an event. Every second the internet provides considerable information which is the latest and most complete. Big music companies make full use of this feature to run the business. Companies can easily know people’s ideas, customs, their favorite music styles and taste to music from their blog, e-mail and Bulletin Board System (BBS). Having known people’s hobbies, companies will have clearer destination to carry out the following plans. Gathering information from the internet is also a good way to save time and energy. Employees do not need to do some face-to-face investigations with reluctant smiles any more. They just click the mouse, and everything will be perfectly done immediately. Otherwise, online advertisements and online shopping provides new methods to publicize and sell albums. Internet is a way which connects music and the public closely. In addition, internet also plays an important role in the music industry to
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