Internet Crime Essay

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Internet Crimes As the internet grows more and more cyber crimes are being committed. Cyber crimes are adding more cases than police can handle. Cyber crimes have many different aspects that can make it hard to investigate. Cyber crime is hard to detect and hard to stop. Cyber crime includes any crime that involves a computer. It includes this such as internet stalking and identity theft. Some crimes include viruses that make the computer stop working. Though this is damage to property, there is no physical evidence. Cyber crimes are increasing so highly because they are so easy to commit. Anonymity is a huge reason why people commit cyber crimes. Finding the person is behind the crime is a long process for policemen. Every website someone goes on leaves some kind of trace that they were there. As technology increases so does cyber crimes. There are hundreds of millions users surfing the internet every day. In the twenties when the government prohibited alcohol everyone went underground and broke the law. The internet has opened a new “underground” for society. People are resisting government regulation almost instantly with the internet’s help. Cyberspace is mostly unregulated, making cyber crime harder to fight. Gathering evidence on cyber crimes is very difficult. Even with technology to track hackers, evidence can be erased as the crime is being committed. Cyber forensics has been developed to gather digital evidence. Digital evidence is information valuable to a criminal investigation that is stored on, received by, or transmitted by an electronic device. On the upside, you can never be sure that anything is deleted by your hard drive. So experts in cyber forensics use software that retraces the digital movements. Regardless of whether or not they can figure out who committed the crime, the problem of jurisdiction still arises. Geographic
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