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HW #6 – INTERNET ASSIGNMENT How to earn money on Internet? There are many ways to earn money on the Internet. Basic way to earn money is advertising. The most visited web sites earn millions of dollars just by being paid by the companies who advertise on those sites. In addition, websites earn money by selling products and softwares 5 Websites which are making profit on the Internet WWW.COMCAST.COM - is a website that is in the list of top earning websites of 2011, this website earned an annual income of $16,07 billion. Comcast created a brand called XFINITY which is providing TV, Internet and Voice services. This website makes money by Providing very fast broadband connections Providing telecommunication subscriptions, mostly homephones with 2 years of agreements and with an average monthly installments of $30. Providing online entertainment systems such as web tvs, and publishing advertisements before the tv broadcasting Selling these advertisements based on the broadcasting minutes, to high-class companies This is a globally known and trustworthy website. WWW.MYNET.COM is a Turkish website that's providing any kinds of news, gaming, inserts and advertisements, weather forecast and video sharing. This website makes money by ; Advertisements; for example whenever you click the website you encounter advertisements of 10 seconds, you can skip it but there will eventually be an eye contact. VIP Memberships in the Games, which are paid by credit cards is a very often visited website, mostly in Turkey and it's trusted by millions of visitors. WWW.HOTELS.COM Online booking website which has a very large number of hotels in it, making instant reservations for people who are looking for hotels all around the world. This website makes money by; Ads, such as pop-ups and inserts According to

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