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WEB DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT Lab Exercise 1 Lecturer : Mr Sha’azim Ibhaidullah Dadameah Mode : Individual Instruction : Submission Required ( It is tempting in a web design course to plunge in and start right away creating and developing web pages. However, since our goal is for you to learn to develop high-quality websites, we first must spend some time developing an understanding of what "quality" means. This is important because if websites aren't developed with quality in mind, visitors might be unable to find the content or features they're looking for, or they may be unable to access or use these features. Users don't give websites many chances. If they don't like a site, they may leave quickly and never return. If they like a site, they'll return to it again and again, plus they'll tell others about it. In addition to understanding website quality, you must spend some time planning a website before you begin to develop its content. Just as there are pre-writing steps that ought to be done prior to writing an essay, there are pre-coding steps to do before you create a website. Planning ahead will reduce the number of mistakes you'll make while constructing the site. In the work world, this will save you time and money. Overview The purpose of this exercise is to begin considering what makes a high-quality website. The following questions will be explored • Why do you feel that some websites are good? • Why do you feel that some websites are not so good? Learning Outcome At the Completion of this Exercise: • You will have learned to critically evaluate websites. • You will have learned the criteria that experts use to evaluate websites. 1. What is a high-quality website? Discuss the questions presented in the Overview section above. . 2. Become a web critic. Individually, visit at

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