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Hello pen pal, I understand your curiosity regarding the Internet, and I am more than happy to answer your questions. Having ready access to the Internet creates instant access to unlimited information, right at my fingertips. While this kind of access certainly means finding information is quick and easy, it also poses many challenges. Some challenges include assessing the value, reliability, and credibility of information. Many people considered on the wrong side of the digital divide can find these challenges too much to overcome, but with the proper education, anyone can learn to navigate and critically analyze the information they find on the Internet. “In the second half of the 20th century, the skill of being able to decode and process the messages and symbols transmitted via media was named media literacy…a person who is media literate can access, analyze, evaluate, and communicate information” (Lule, 2012, p.81). Media literacy is very important when assessing the value of information on the Internet. Some important things to consider are the author, their purpose, and the date the information was published. When assessing the value of a website, always consider the author. Anybody can create and edit information on the Internet, so considering the author of a website becomes inherently important. The author may present information in a way that only shows one side of an issue, or they may interject their own personal bias and present them as fact rather than just their opinion. Another important factor in determining the validity of information on the Internet is the date of publication, depending on the research topic, information can change frequently or never change. For example, when researching a date of a well-known and documented historical event, like D-Day, the information would not change. However, when researching a topic regarding

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