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Internet and Information Paper Sharon G. Robinson HUM/176 December 23, 2013 Tonya Cox Internet and Information Paper Hello, in America internet is a source of information majority of the society has access to the internet in some type or form desktop computer, laptop computer or smartphone. And others do not, whether it’s the area they live in or simply they do not want it due to the lack of experience and knowledge. Americans use the internet for daily routine if it is for work, school, banking or research we value its information and data from all over the world. The internet and the web gives us information on how to repair automobiles, make cakes, medical terms and diagnoses anything on a need to know basis. Sometime we use it for (entertainment): downloading movies, listening to music, (recreation): for gaming, news, reading books by downloading, (conversation): through emailing, Facebook, and Twitter. The internet utilizes search engines, by creating index or web pages, to research information you are looking for. To be sure that the information on the internet is reliable and credible, checking for reliability and credibility is not easy this will involve a lot of critical thinking. Deciding whether this information you access is credible to your question might require further researching by using another search engine. When resourcing books, journals and other resource things to take in consideration for reliable and credible. Authorship: who wrote this, Publishing: do the web site states individual’s internet account is checked by looking at the URL, Currency: referred to timeline meaning date or copyright, publication date, and the latest update if any, Point of view bias: does the information generate a point of view, Referral to other source: whether the author is using techniques as bias for research, also his acknowledges of this source,

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