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Dear Friend, I’m hoping I can assist you in answering some of your questions regarding the internet, its accessibility, credibility of sources, and the term digital divide. Finding information in the Digital World had indeed made life easier. As you know, the internet, as we know it, was made public in 1991, thanks to the invention of the World Wide Web by Timothy Berners-Lee. (Bryant, 2011) This has made all of our research on topics in both business and academic worlds, far more efficient than a decade ago. Determining the validity and credibility of Internet sources can be difficult. There are numerous sources out there and at times, offer the same information with different conclusions. For example, in 2005, research was conducted on the website Wikipedia, and it was determined that the accuracy rate of information posted was over ninety five percent. (Wolchover 2011). The interesting point about Wikipedia, is that much of the information on the website, is user generated content. This means, that individuals have the ability to author and edit content found in the articles. However, when conducting academic research, Moran (2011) points out that students cannot rely on Wikipedia for a myriad of reasons. The first being that no one source should ever drive your research, the author cannot be verified and also, an individual’s bias regarding a topic may be interjected into the article. In order to truly determine credibility, one should consider the author of the material first. Do they have credibility within their field, are they a subject matter expert on the topic and which organization are they affiliated with. Another thing to consider when validating the credibility of an internet source is confirming the data or position with another source. For example, can this fact or information be verified through another Internet site or some form of print

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