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Internet and Information Paper HUM/176 Amanda Squiciarino Hello Friend, I would first like to start off with that having the technology and being able to find information digitally and very quickly is a very nice luxury to have and it does help with time management and the fast paced world that we live in. I’m glad that you asked about the assessing of the value of the information as well as well as the reliability and credibility of the vast amount of information that is available by searching upon the web. My response to you on the value is that if it adds to your knowledge and is the kind of information that you seek then it’s valuable. For instance, say you had a split seam on your carpet and couldn’t afford to have a flooring company come repair it at the moment. Doing a quick FYI search for carpet seam repairs will lead to sites that can provide you with the knowledge you need to either enact repairs yourself or decide that it’s a little beyond your ability and wait until professional assistance can be afforded. This is just one example of the value but there are so many more that I could spend hours typing them. As far as reliability and credibility, you need to use some common sense and do your research when considering what you read and how you use that information. There are some steps that can help to find the answers that will best help with what you are looking for. The process is called media literacy and it basically helps you to take account for what you find and how you use it and what you do to help make the content correct and appropriate. The first step is the description, typing in a search for what you want to find. Next is analyzing the information and interpreting what you read to evaluate whether it’s appropriate or not. You can look for other sources to compare information to or if there is a cite or reference to the

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