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Internet and Information Paper By Amenda Eichenlaub I believe assessing the value of online information and making sure the information is credible paly hand and hand. While I look for information on how I assess if its valuable is first making sure it’s the information that in fact the information I’m after. While I do that I can also check to see if the information is credible. Making sure information is credible isn’t as hard as it seems. One good way of doing this it to make sure the site is locked. Unlike sites like Wikipedia that are unlocked and anyone is able to change the information whenever they want to. (Exploring Media and Culture Chapter 11 page 824) A locked site will only be able to be accessed by the page owner. Even then the best way to make sure the information is trusted worthy would to be look for a copy right. A site that is copy righted is protected from someone being able to steal their work and pass it as their own. Example- © 2009 W.W. Norton & Company, INC. (Exploring Media and Culture Chapter 11 page 822) Looking for a trusted name is also a great way to decide weather certain information is trustworthy. Also double checking information like comparing researched information to one another can help in choosing what information to believe. Digital divide is meant the goal of “bridging”. This can be done by placing computers in classrooms and also giving personal computers to those who couldn’t afford one at home. (Exploring Media and Culture Chapter 11 page 817 & 818) A study was conducted to see how online accuse benefited those that who had accuse to the internet and how it affected them. (Exploring Media and Culture chapter 11 page 818 & 819) The results did increase in kids. Studies showed a great improvement in reading and math skills improved

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