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Influence of Visual Media Paper April N. Turner HUM/176 October 13, 2013 Rory Tubbs Write a 350- to -700 word paper; in which you investigate the interrelationship between culture and the visual entertainment media, such as television and film. Include answers to the following questions: In what ways have various forms of visual entertainment media shaped American culture and its values? Are the social influences of the visual entertainment media mostly positive or negative? Explain. Illustrate your answers with specific examples. Conclude your paper by summarizing how visual media either reflect or influence social behavior and attitudes. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Influence of Visual Media Paper In today’s society, the influence from visual media can be seen throughout our culture. The influences stems from television shows, TV ads, movies, music videos, and internet forums like YouTube. For the most part other forms of media have been around much longer; but none has had a greater impact on our culture like visual media. For instant, the MTV Music awards were taped live this year. Millions of viewers saw Miley Cyrus performed. Even before the show was over thousands of on lookers took to social media to talk about the scandalous monstrosity that just took place on stage. Even though her performance was talked about negatively; there was a back lash of other people trying to emulate her every move. Had this been radio, only a small hand full of people (compared to millions) would have been able to bear witness to what I call an out of this world performance. Even the kids today are drawn in with TV ads for their favorite toys. They see a car flashing across the television screen and run straight to their parents; begging for the toy. Once they have gotten it, it gets lost in the pile of all the other junk they once

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