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Internet Advertiser's Code Of Ethics Essay

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Internet Advertiser's Code of Ethics
D. Keith Henry Sr.
University of Phoenix
Advertising and the Media
Morgan Cloward
November 06, 2011

Internet Advertiser's Code of Ethics
Internet Advertiser's (IA) Code of Ethics

Professional ethics are the main ingredients for possible success in advertising.   Advertisers have an obligation to articulate its basic values, ethical principles, and standards.   This Code of Ethics states these values, standards, and principles, and provides a set of guidelines that will assist Internet advertisers in maintaining ethical advertising practices as a guide for conduct.   This code should be relevant to all advertisers, journalist, photographers, and editors, regardless of their other professional functions.   This Code of Ethics of Internet Advertisers states that an advertising agency will not create ads with false statements nor use unsupported product claims or poorly distorted information.   The agency will not create ads that offends the public with indecency or slander any minority groups.
Personal Ethics
Sociologically, individuals make single decisions that have a profoundly positive or negative effect on their family, their employer, their coworkers, their countries, and possibly the welfare of the world.   Sometimes the life we live reflects the strength our ethical traits, which some refer to as our character.   Ethics differ from person to person but for most, people want to be known as being a good person, or someone to be trusted.   With these traits, individuals are usually concerned about their relationships and their personal reputations.
Ethics in Media
For many years, newspaper and magazine publishers and editors have recognized a need for a clear distinction between content and advertising in the understanding of their readers.   This document enforces a clear list of standards and a clear distinction between sales and news departments, to ensure their efforts are non-biased for reporting....

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