Internet Addiction Among Students: Problems and Solutions Essay

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INTERNET ADDICTION AMONG STUDENTS: PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS By: Mohammed Almeshleb Student Number: 2106015A Class: PSB_Class A3/20 Tutor name: Pauline Hare Date of submission: 17th July 2014 Introduction The Internet has been considered as most important instrument in many aspects of daily life. Many people, particularly in the most modern communities, find it is impossible to continue their lives without using Internet. The Internet facilitates many services such as shopping, online banking, train reservation, education …etc. (Young and Abreu, 2011). That makes Internet has had a significant impaction on people’s life. However, this relation between Internet and a people can go further and reflects negatively on his life or behavior. Currently, some parents find themselves spending a long time using Internet and even forgetting their duties towards their children or even be late for work due staying awake after mid night. This issue is called Internet addiction and can develop when Internet can control some people feelings, behaviors and reaction towards others. Sometimes the consequences of this phenomenon become catastrophic at the level of individuals or the community (Young, 1996). For this reason, many researchers highlight this problem and the possibility of finding impact solutions. In this essay several issues will be raised. Firstly, the essay discusses Internet addiction among the educated community, more specifically the students. Secondly, it highlights the problems behind Internet addiction. Moreover, three responses are suggested. Finally, the essay evaluates the reliability of the proposed responses. Internet addiction as a new increasing phenomenon Although Internet usage is common in most of communities, it can be seen be excessively popular among the educated communities such as the students. The students need

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