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Joseph Hannah 14 May 2014 Philosophy: Introduction to Ethics Medical Ethics, Medical School and Physicians "It is my goal to have Mount Sinai graduates remake the image of the American physician — one who is committed, selfless, and ethical, and at the same time, translational and transformative” (Dennis S. Charney, MD). This quote is a prime example of the impact ethical research has on medical schools and doctors in today’s modern society. Attending medical school and pursuing a career as a Physician is good. The feature to becoming a reputable, ethical physician [or doctor] or going to medical school, includes being a physician which desired and going through medical school itself. The feature also requires one to be an ethical decision maker, for example if a doctor chose to perform an unethical procedure, then, then will or may result in death of the patient. I accept, allow, approve and welcome this investigation. The dominant goal of attending medical school or developing a career as a physician is to help children, cure illness and sickness, save lives and develop knowledge, thus, resulting in peace. Going to medical school and becoming a doctor also has a goal to be happy. In order to develop a career as any type of Physician there is stuff involved. Various stuff includes medical school interviews, extensive hard work for many years, good quality and quantity homework and money. Money will be used by the student or doctor trainee to pay for classes, consecutive transportation and most importantly tuition. Also, medical schools require: • two years of chemistry (including one year of organic). • two years of biology • one year of physics Unique features that separate doctor professions from other professions. Features include the ability to save lives and develop a long range of knowledgeable years studying medicine.

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