Internet Addiction Essay

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With the increasing rate of getting online, surfing the Internet has become humans’ “popular culture”, teenagers especially. Meanwhile, the Internet has turned out to be the main entertainment, the major resources of getting information and the imperative media of extending our relationship in people’s life. However, overuse of the web will result in addictive behaviors called the Internet addiction. Just like alcohol or drug addiction, if we have the Internet addiction, we couldn’t help but to keep immersing ourselves in the net crazily. Generally speaking, this mental disorder has developed into one of the most concerned issues under discussion in public. The Internet addiction will mislead us to be walking corpses in terms of wicked lifestyle, health problem and social isolation. With the time deprivation of using the Internet, the internet addiction will mislead our life to be wicked unconsciously. Fooling around the internet brings about the ignorance of our academic performance. Some teenagers who are obsessed with the internet would skip the class or stay up getting online all night which causes their distraction on study in the daytime. Worse yet, if the addicts spend considerable time on the net, they would avoid dealing effectively with some problems they confront. Sinking themselves into the virtual spaces, they are afraid to face the music or thorny reality. Additionally, addicts’ worlds are crammed with the Internet; meanwhile, some activities they previously enjoyed won’t seem to worth attending. Surfing the Internet has become the central parts of their life which means they not only discard some meaningful activities such as playing basketball but also drop into the obsessive virtual world. Hooking on the web for a long period of time also deteriorates our health for abnormal daily routine. The Internet addicts are short of sleep that loads

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