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Internet Addiction and how it affects Educational Success Internet addiction can be described as an obsessive and compulsive use of internet (Simmons, 182). Internet use, including web surfing, instant messaging, shopping, and visiting chat rooms can become a problem when it begins to interfere with an individual’s job or social life. A person is said to be an internet addict when the compulsive behavior interferes with normal functioning, and causes stress on the addicts, their family, friends, as well as loved ones. It has been recognized as a mental disorder by the American Psychological Association. There are no official diagnostic criteria or behavioral patterns that define this disorder. However, the possible signs of internet addiction include lack of sleep, fatigue, poor academic and job performance. According to Attanasio & Rowan University (2008) spending a lot of time online is a sign of internet addiction. It starts with casual internet use which then progresses to excessive and compulsive use. While most individuals use the internet daily with little problem, using the internet becomes the top priority in the lives of addicts (Padwa & Cunningham, 43). In addition to interfering with an individual’s duties, internet addiction may have adverse effects on one’s education. Internet has made a huge contribution in support of education. The massive amount of information found on the internet has had a positive effect on educational success. Students can access various resources online to assist them with their studies. If used appropriately, internet can enable a student attain high academic achievements. However, if used inappropriately, internet has the potential to negatively affect the academic performance of a student. Internet addicts tend to neglect their academic responsibilities. Such students fail in their academics

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