Internet Addiction Essay

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Abou Dawood, Aida Mrs. Maria Peters Composition 3 3, April 2013 The Internet Addiction God gives us the knowledge and ability to think and invent everything to facilitate life. People worked a lot to change many things. Technologies have invaded our world from all sides, and change human’s lives. Some people used technologies in the correct way and facilitate their lives, while others overused it and damaged their lives. The Internet is one of the major technologies that entered our lives and people opened their lives’ gates for it. Most of the people nowadays became addicted to the Internet and they ruined their lives. To begin with, the Internet has many advantages that students and all people benefit from it. First, the Internet is a very wide source of all kinds of information. People, such as students, can use this huge amount of information for all kinds of researches and assignments, which makes it easier and rich with important details that may not be found easily in other resources, such as books. Also, the use of the Internet is faster than other resources. The only thing that anyone has to do is to write the required information, and then several websites sources will appear. Moreover, the Internet is global, worldwide, it has information from all over the world that can appear in any second we need. For instance, if a student from America needs to write about the culture in Lebanon, which is located in the Middle East, he/she doesn’t need to go to Lebanon and ask about their culture, the only thing that he has to do is to make a search on the Internet and he/she will get all the needed information. In addition, the Internet can be used for translation. People from all over the world can translate

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