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Stuck on your chair, eyes glued to your computer screen, and all your attention hooked to the internet. Today, internet addiction is becoming one of the world’s fastest growing non-chemical addictions. As more people are being exposed to the internet, the more of them become victims of Internet addiction and obsession. In today’s digital and informational age, the internet has grown to be a part of our essential needs and is used in our every day task. From the early morning, we wake up to check our emails and the weather forecast to the late night where we read about the latest news and the popular events that are taking place around the world. There is no doubt that the internet has proven to be an efficient method to access all types of information, and to keep individuals connected. However, for some individuals, the internet introduced a whole new sight of the world, a virtual world where users can escape to and spend as much as 42 hours a week – if not more – surfing the net and keeping themselves busy. At most times, these individuals who are gradually falling into the trap of internet addiction do not realize or think of themselves as addicts of the internet until they are faced with a challenge of being disconnected from the net. Internet addiction like many addictions is defined as physical or mental habit in which a user is depended on or practices beyond one’s voluntary control ( Furthermore, we can define Internet addiction as a substance people use to gain personal satisfaction or feel the need to be intact with the net for a long period of time ( Often individual find themselves falling behind occupational work, school work, house and family time in favour of being online. In comparison, we can relate an Internet addict to a gambler, drug abusive or an alcoholic; they all prefer to stick to their

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