Internet a Boon or Curse Essay

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1. Team1-Are you a Team Player or Individual Achiever?(Team Player) 2. Trust1-Are you always clear on what the ethical thing to do is?(Yes) 3. Ego-Would you rather do your best or be the best?(be the best) 4. Focus1-How do you deal with an environment full of distraction?(can zone in with no distraction, can block it out) 5. Service1-What is your definition of quality service?(must be customer driven; above and beyond) 6. Problem Solver1-When faced a problem do you usually make decisions based on facts or intuition?(facts) 7. Innovator1-Do you have more idea, fewer ideas, or about the same number of ideas compared to your peers?(more) Tell me about a new idea you have developed lately?(ex of out of box, creative, big picture/just new ideas; not necessarily crazy) 8. Commnand2-Can you tell me a time when you took control of a group(specific example) 9. Courage2 –Are you sometimes forceful with other people? (yes, sometimes you have to be) 10. Team2- Would you rather be on a successful team with a casual acquaintances or a less successful team with people you are close to?(less successful) 11. Trust2 – Do you trust people until they prove you can’t, or do people have to earn your trust first (trust people) 12. Ego2-If you have been successful with a project – or just done something really well, would you want a lot of people to know or just a few? (a lot) 13. Focus 2 – Would you rather set short term or long term goals for yourself? (long term)Example? (listen for specifics and time lines) 14. Service2 – So you feel a need to be helpful?(must feel a a need) Please tell me about some ways you have helped people if the last week (listen for 2 examples) 15. Problem Solver2 – Before solving problems, so you have alternative solutions? (yes) Please illustrate(specific) 16. Innovator2 –

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