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Nowadays, the modern technologies have greatly improved as time passing. Since the first network was established on 1969, five decades after, the usage of internet spreads widely around global now. The internet has taken parts of people’s life. In author’s opinion the development of internet is definitely the greatest leap of the modern society and of Couse the internet has made our life much better (Barry et al 2012). To address the benefits of internet, start with the improvement of communication. Before the existence of internet, the people have to communicate with each other by writing mail or making phone call, either way they have to consider the time or money invested. Also the conventional communication approaches are often limited by the network coverage or geographic location. The development of internet offers different option to the conventional way. Since the three major email systems were created between 1978 and 1981(Craig Partridge 2008). The use of email has replaced letter mail today, with easier faster and instant send-receive, the email saves a lot trouble comparing to the letter mail. Also the video chat and message application changes the way of today’s communication as well. Another core attribute of internet is easy information accessing. The internet provides immediate, relevant and valuable resources to its users, people can access the information they want at anytime anywhere, the process of researching and posting keeps the internet update continuously and diversified (Butler and Abrahart, 1997). Lot of job can be done at home through internet, people no longer need to go out to reach what they want, like ordering food, make transaction, researching or watching movie. In another hand, lot of internet related companies have emerged along with the booming development of internet. Companies like Google, Yahoo, Facebook and amazon have

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