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Some would argue that the Internet makes us more isolated. The truth is, however, that the Internet allows us to communicate across vast distances and find those with similar interests and hobbies. It also makes it easy to connect with friends and family who live far away. In this way, the Internet brings people closer together. Technology has changed the world. Sure, some of that change is not good. It has caused people to become more isolated. However, I think that it has brought more people together. It has led to meaningless gestures to show support for some issue, but it has also brought “doers” together to actually make change. It has helped people (to be super cliché) to be the change they want to see in the world. First of all, to business, the Internet have given business people a much more a chance to manage relationships with their customers and clients more effective and quickly. In fact, conference online and chat services are implemented on the Internet have led to increase in opportunities for person-to-person communication anytime and anywhere. Most these things are quite cheaper than the cost of traveling long distances to meet and talk directly. Simply, workers just stay at home in front of computer screen and then remote access communication via the Internet. That is reason why a global company may have partners and customers from Europe, America or even in Africa. technologies have allowed us to travel and travel we did. People never lived an hour drive away from work. They didn’t live a 2 hour train ride from their office. Instead, they lived within walking distance of the trolley or bus or even their place of employment. They lived within the same city, sometimes in a streetcar suburb just outside the city. But with the travel came a need for more technology to keep in touch with family and friends that were far away. People have come

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