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Anna Lee November 5, 2014 Valuable Information on the Internet I won’t say that Internet only provides valuable and useful information, however, I think that the advantages about Internet are more than the disadvantages. The reasons which support my opinion are that Internet provides up-to-date information, it is convenient, and it allows people to have various perspectives on an issue. Internet providing up-to-date information is one of the reasons of my argument. Since people are globalized, it is very important to keep up the daily news, and Internet is the major tool for the transportation of information. On account of the Internet, people are able to keep up the news going around the world which makes the relationship between the people all around the world friendlier. Also, because that the Internet provides up-to-date information, people don’t have the necessity of chatting with friends in order to get some information, but just sitting on the chair, clicking on the news which is written in bold letter. Another reason is that Internet provides convenience for people when searching the information. Before the advent of the Internet, people had to forage about to find the book they wanted, especially the students who had to find information to do their homework. They stayed in the library for hours just to find one useful information for their homework, speech, or presentation. People do go to the library nowadays, but the number of people has decreased. People can find any information buy just using their finger, clicking twice. Lastly, Internet plays important role for people to have various perspectives, and I think this is the biggest advantage of the Internet. Since Internet is an enormous space for people all over the world, people can learn various perspectives towards one issue, since there are tons of people who have different opinion

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