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1. What is a virtual company and how is it implemented? Can it survive in the “pure” state? Discuss. Definition: After researching on the Internet and doing multiple searches on what a Virtual Company is, I found that there were many definitions. After looking at them all, I feel that gave the best concise definition that was understandable. PCMag says that a Virtual Company in an organization that uses computer and telecommunications technologies to extend its capabilities by working routinely with employees or contractors located throughout the country or the world. Using e-mail, faxes, instant messaging, data and videoconferencing, it implies a high degree of telecommuting as well as using remote facilities ( The Independent Guide to Technology, 1998-2008). The second definition that I found through PCMag is that it is an innovative business program, focused on activity-based learning. This opportunity provides participants with real business experience and supports them to develop personal qualities and attitudes such as leadership, decision-making, problem solving and communication skills in a group environment working towards a positive outcome. Another way to look at a virtual company is to see that they are simulated enterprises that are set up and run by its participants with support from a facilitator and a business partner. Virtual Companies conduct business with other virtual companies in a simulated market economy on a local, national or international basis. The virtual company educates all company employees with every aspect of business operations including marketing research, advertising, trade, payment systems, tax payments, lease contracts and the effective utilization of banks. It will also help with the original drafting of the business plan and check on the subsequent process once it is implemented. The

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