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Netsweeper Inc. provides Internet content filtering and Web threat management solutions and services that protect users worldwide. Its Web filtering solutions 1)cloud-based artificial intelligence dynamic categorization engine with a set of configuration and administration tools that allow users to tailor solutions to their organization’s needs. Every day, Netsweeper’s cloud-hosted AI adds more than 10 million new URIs to the more than 5 billion already categorized. Your local policy server ‘learns’ from the usage patterns of your users, and our unique Master Categorization Name Server is dynamically updated in real time based on the web usage of our millions of users worldwide. This translates into superior filtering performances and excellent zero-day protection for your users. 2)Detailed reporting option:Standard reports include a range of information about the system, your users, performance and more. Netsweeper logging capabilities also easily integrate to other reporting engines. 3) In addition to our dynamic categorization, Netsweeper also provides intelligent keyword blocking throughout the solution. 4) Customizable Categories 5)mobile devices filtering 6) 90% of traffic is categorized in your local Netsweeper cache, which 'learns' from YOUR users traffic and becomes tailored to your exact needs as you use it. This greatly improves the speed and accuracy of your filtering. . It offers its solutions through a network of distributors and resellers in the United States, the Middle East, and the APAC region. Netsweeper Inc. has a strategic partnership with Comguard. The company was incorporated in 1998 and is based in Guelph, Canada.

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